Water For Health

No matter where you look today you will invariably encounter someone carrying bottled water. Water has become the earmark of a healthy lifestyle – offering hydration and purification. It’s no wonder so many of us have heeded the advice of the experts and significantly upped our water intake. Drinking water for health makes sense when you understand the role that water plays in the human body.

Over half of the human body is made up of water; for this reason, drinking water for health is absolutely crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Experts have long recommended the drinking of at least sixty-four ounces of water a day in order for our systems to function at optimum levels. Water allows our body to effectively absorb the nutrients that we need from food and systematically flushes our kidneys of waste. In fact, all of our internal organs operate at higher capacity when we are well hydrated. When we are drinking water for health our blood thins as it should; when we are dehydrated, blood becomes thicker making our bodies work harder to pump it; this makes the overall functions of the body slow and inefficient.

A part of drinking water for health is to allow our body to effectively digest our food; without water our body cannot effectively eliminate waste. Water has an enormous effect on weight loss as well, speeding our metabolism and acting as a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking water for health throughout our lifetime means, in many cases, the long term successful maintenance of a healthy weight.

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