Sickle Probe

The most common dentists instruments are the mirror and the probe. The probe is also known as a dental explorer, or a sickle probe. This, combined with the mirror are the most effective ways of doing a check up on someone’s teeth. The mirror has an angle just before the surface which allows the dentist to see all around the different teeth from the outside of the mouth, and with the sickle probe the dentist is able to poke around the teeth to make sure that there are no cavities or loose teeth around the mouth.

There are also many other dentists instruments that are used in the practice. The dentists instruments used depend on what procedure is taking place and how it is being done. For example, if there is something that needs to be applied to the teeth, the dentist will use a tool which supplies concentrated compressed air, drying the teeth very quickly.

For any sort of procedure where there is being something removed or put in, a local anaesthesia is used. This is one of the dentists instruments that almost completely relieves pain inside the mouth. This is implemented by an injection to the gums around the area of work, which makes the area go numb, allowing the dentist to complete their work without the patient squirming because of the pain.

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