Dentist Syringe

There is something ominous about a needle. Be it the long point or the unnerving thought of your skin being penetrated no one likes to get injections. Another common fear is going to the dentist. When these two subjects are combined into the single category of dental syringes discomfort is a guarantee. Though getting a dental injection is never fun, for some people their aversion crosses the line of displeasure and enters the realm of phobia. In fact, according to the Adult Dental Health Survey, 8% of patients report phobic emotions relating to dental syringes. This compares to only 5% who report a fear of needles in general.

Avoiding Pain
The unfortunate situation this group of individuals find themselves in is somewhat of a catch 22. Although they fear the prick of a needle they know how painful a dental procedure without anesthetics can be. The wise choice is to pick the injection. However, pain is not inevitable. In fact, there are a number of tips and techniques both patients and doctors can follow to reduce the discomfort sometimes involved.

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